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Vaccinations for Cats

A number of dangerous diseases can still affect both dogs and cats in the UK, some of which can even be transmitted to humans.  Vaccination is the only way to provide immunity against all these diseases.  If carried out regularly according to your vet’s advice, then it can protect your pet for life. 

A kitten’s vaccination course will normally start around nine weeks of age.  A second vaccination is given three weeks later. 

Your kitten is not fully protected until 10-14 days after the second vaccination so we advise that you keep your cat indoors until this time. 

Regular booster vaccinations are vital to ensure continuous protection.  Your vet will be able to advise how often your cat needs a booster.

What diseases are cats vaccinated against?

Feline panleucopaenia (Feline Enteritis)

Feline herpes virus type 1 (FHV-1) (Cat flu)

Feline calcivirus (Cat flu)

Feline Chlamydophila infection

Feline leukaemia virus