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Vaccinations for Dogs

A number of dangerous diseases can still affect both dogs and cats in the UK, some of which can even be transmitted to humans.  Vaccination is the only way to provide immunity against all these diseases.  If carried out regularly according to your vet’s advice, then it can protect your pet for life. 

As long as the bitch’s vaccinations are up to date, puppies are usually protected during the first few weeks of life.  However, the immunity fades rapidly at which point the puppy become vulnerable to disease.

The initial vaccination course comprises two injections, the first being given at around six-eight weeks of age and the second at twelve weeks old. The vaccinations are given at least two weeks apart.  You will have to wait a further two weeks after the second injection before taking your puppy for walks in public places, to ensure that he/she is fully protected.

If you acquire an older dog, it’s vital to talk to your vet as soon as possible about vaccination timings.

Regular Boosters are vital to maintain protection.

What diseases can dogs be vaccinated against?

Canine Parvovirus

Canine Distemper

Infectious Hepatitis


Canine Parainfluenza

Infectious Bronchitis


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