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Terms and Conditions



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  • Payment is due at the time of invoicing.  Reminders for unpaid invoices will incur a late payment charge.

  • The practice supports the principle of insuring your pet against unforeseen illness and accident and is happy to complete insurance claim forms after settlement of the account.  An administration fee will only be levied if the account is to be paid directly by the insurance company; in these cases, the client must pay the policy excess and administration charge before the claim can be submitted.

  • The practice provides a 24 hour emergency service, accessible on the normal practice telephone numbers.  Emergency cases will usually be seen at the centre that the client normally attends.  An out of hours emergency consultation fee will be incurred in addition to treatment costs.

  • If an animal is admitted, it will be checked at appropriate intervals.  If necessary, it will be transferred to our Alnwick or Morpeth surgeries where an on duty nurse will remain on the premises 24 hours a day.

  • The practice will supply prescriptions to clients who wish to buy their animal’s medication elsewhere.  On request, a client will be informed by a veterinary surgeon of the practice’s prices for animal medicines.

  • We have a legal obligation to only prescribe medication to animals that are under our care.  We must therefore examine an animal before prescribing, and animals on long term medication must have been re-examined by a veterinary surgeon at intervals no longer than three months.

  • Case records, including radiographs, are the property of, and will be retained by, Alnorthumbria Veterinary Practice Ltd.  Copies with a summary of the history will be passed on to another veterinary surgeon taking over the case.

  • We are happy to provide a written estimate for a proposed course of treatment. Please bear in mind that estimates can only be approximate, and are subject to revision should further investigation or treatment be indicated.

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