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Alnorthumbria Vets is a mixed practice that treats all species of domestic animals (and a few wild ones as well). Within the practice, the vets have developed special interests, so we have separate teams of vets dedicated to the care of farm animals, horses and small animals (dogs, cats and other small pets). We have nine centres across Northumberland, from Wooler in the north to Ponteland in the south. We pride ourselves on offering a genuine 24 hour service, and on professional and individual care backed up by a wealth of experience and expertise.

On the small animal side, Alnorthumbria provides comprehensive health care for dogs, cats and other small animals throughout Northumberland. The professional care and expertise of our dedicated veterinary surgeons, nurses and support staff are key to the success of the practice, but another factor is undoubtedly the investment in modern facilities and equipment.

We aim to provide the best possible care and treatment for all our patients, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The practice is committed to a pro-active approach to animal health care, rather than just reacting when illness or injury strikes. Key elements of our routine preventative healthcare are vaccination (to prevent potentially fatal infections), regular treatment for internal and external parasites, neutering (to prevent gynaecological problems and reduce the incidence of certain tumours) and dental care.

We are committed to ongoing investment in the training and development of our vets, nurses and support staff. The vets in the practice are supported by veterinary nurses, and the practice has been approved by the Royal College as a Veterinary Nurse Training Practice. The nurses complement the work of the vets, and also offer free advice on a range of preventative health and nutritional issues.

We operate a service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year

Staffed by our own experienced vets on a rota basis, five vets are available, covering all the surgeries.

Please note, during nights and weekends, our telephones are managed by an out of hours phone answering service. You might, therefore, speak to someone you are not familiar with.

These are experienced operators who are extremely efficient at taking all the necessary information and quickly contacting the appropriate vet.




Small animal (dog, cat, and children's pets) consultations at all surgeries are by appointment only (except emergencies).

Large animal consultations can be seen at all surgeries by appointment (horses, calves, lambs, sheep lambing, etc.).

If you prefer to see a particular vet, please say so at the time of booking.


Farm and horse visits are available all day, although it is helpful if requests are made before l0am. We will try to keep to times arranged, emergencies permitting.

Please telephone first to arrange collection of medicines (where possible please allow 24 hours) as all drugs dispensed have to be authorised by a vet. These can then be put up ready for you.

Home visits to pets can be arranged, but please bear in mind that it is much easier to examine pets at the surgery, where assistance, facilities, drugs and equipment are more readily available. 

Our History 

Alnorthumbria Veterinary Group was formed in 2007 by the merger of two well established Northumberland practices, the Aln Veterinary Group and the Northumbria Veterinary Partnership. By combining the considerable resources of the two practices, Alnorthumbria Veterinary Group strives to provide the highest possible level of care for all your animals.

The Aln Veterinary Group can trace its origins back to 1897 when George Craik MRCVS built what was believed to be the country’s first purpose built veterinary surgery on Wagonway Road, Alnwick.  In the 1930's a Scotsman, William Doughty bought the practice. During the 1940's Duncan Macphearson, affectionately known as ‘Mac', worked as an assistant with William Doughty and in 1947 he left to set up a practice at Hampden House on Belvedere Terrace, Alnwick.

Bobbie Muir, an Ayrshireman, moved from Herefordshire to assist William Doughty at Wagonway Road in 1947-48 when Mac left. After Mr Doughty retired a local man, Gerald Curry became Bobbie Muir's partner and they formed Muir & Curry M'sRCVS. In 1968, two more Northumbrians joined the practice as assistants who remained to become partners- Alan Clark & Peter Malone both remained until their retirement in the mid 1990's. During the early 1960's small animal practice was becoming more popular and a branch in Amble was opened for consultations three days per week.

Bobbie Muir retired in 1982 when local farmer's son David Young joined the partnership after working as an assistant for four years. Gerald Curry retired soon afterwards and in 1988 John Macfarlane became a partner.

Colin Barwise- Munro joined the partnership in 1991 from lecturing at Edinburgh University. Colin retired from the partnership in 2005 and his wife Lesley Barwise-Munro along with Joseph Henry, both of whom had been with the practice since graduation, became partners.

Meanwhile, at Hampden House on Belvedere Terrace, ‘Mac’ enjoyed an illustrious career before retiring in 1988 when he passed the practice onto Dick and Rosie Thompson.  Over in Rothbury, Paul Freeman was busy building up the Simonside Veterinary surgery and in 1991, the two practices merged to form the Hampden and Simonside Veterinary Group (HSVG).  At the same time, Andrew Sawyer, who had been an assistant at Alnwick for three years became the fourth partner of the new practice.  In 2000 HSVG opened a new surgery at Fairmoor, Morpeth when Dominic Plumley became the fifth partner of the new practice.  Dominic retired in 2012.

 In 2005 the Northumbria Veterinary Partnership was formed with the merger of two long-established veterinary practices; Hampden & Simonside Veterinary Group that had surgeries in Alnwick, Rothbury and Morpeth and the Wooler-based Ewing & Gidlow.  Steve Carragher became a partner at the same time, along with Jo Gidlow who retired from general practice in 2007 to follow a new career with the Scottish Agricultural College (SAC) in St Boswells.

 The final merger to form Alnorthumbria Veterinary Group in 2007 was followed in 2010 by Simon Caple andStephen Bradley joining the practice as directors in what was by now a limited company, and then Ed Chinn became a director in 2012. This “new blood” ensures that the practice remains progressive and forward-looking, determined to remain the premier practice in the county by giving the best possible service to all our clients, whether pet owners, farmers or horse owners.

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