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It is law that your dog wears a collar and tag but collars can break and tags fall off. A microchip is there for life. 

From April 6th 2016, microchipping is to be made compulsory for all dogs.  However, why wait?  We consider microchipping to be essential.  The microchip is tiny (generally about the size of a grain of rice) and injected under the skin on the back of the neck.  It holds your pet’s unique ID number. 

Once inserted, your vet will register your details with the national microchip database and the microchip is there for life.   Should your pet go missing it may end up at the rescue centre, vet, dog warden or police who, as a matter of course, will scan an animal immediately and reunite you with your pet.  In particular, lack of proper identification found on lost cats is a real problem.

If you intend to travel abroad with a cat or dog using the pet travel scheme, then they have to be microchipped.


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