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A series of advisory and newsworthy articles about farm matters:

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With a largely successful lambing (mainly) behind us, and most cows calved, we all turn our attention to keeping the youngstock thriving over the late spring and summer. Unfortunately, due to the mild winter, we are already seeing many outbreaks of coccidiosis as well as high worm egg counts in young lambs. Have a look at the article in this addition on how we distinguish these.

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Well, this week has been made very busy by having to treat several sheep and cattle suffering from blindness after looking at the solar eclipse! Other than that, we have had the usual seasonal madness of lambing and calving across the county, often at unsociable hours.

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From those of you that have already scanned your sheep, the results we've heard seem to be very favourable, as you would expect after such a good summer and an easy winter so far. See the article below for what to do if you find that your results are not up to scratch. Please remember to keep your scan results plus records of the number of lambs born, cut, weaned and sold to help us with updating your health plan each year.

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Wednesday 21st January

Longframlington Village Hall

7 for 7.30pm

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We hope you have all had a great ’holiday’ period and have survived the festivities.  Although the pedigree lambing has started we personally haven’t had much involvement so far despite the fatter than normal ewes that went to the tup on many farms due to last summer’s grass.  We would encourage all sheep farmers (early or late lambing) to record the number of abortions, lamb deaths at each stage, lambs sold each month etc. to help with updating your health plans.

I have been asked to remind everyone how important it is to thoroughly mix all wormers, vaccines, fluke treatments  etc. before use.  Fasinex is particularly bad for settling out so without mixing, many animals will not be getting what they are due.

Unfortunately, the joint meetings with SAC didn’t prove to be very popular last month but we have tweaked the topics and timings (see enclosed flier) so please let us know if you can make the rearranged meeting.

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You would imagine that with all the mild weather throughout most of 2014 lambs would thrive and fatten faster than ever.  Unfortunately this hasn’t been the case on many farms.  Although the grass may have looked lush, it’s full of water and lacking in minerals even now.  Many of you will routinely blood sample lambs at weaning for copper, selenium and cobalt and so will have corrected any deficiencies already.  However, we are still sampling lambs that are failing to thrive on many farms, and finding multiple deficiencies. 

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Apparantly, this September has been the driest month since records began. For a vet, this is great news as we usually spend the month pregnancy testing Spring calving cows outside so a bit of sunshine on our backs is very welcome. So far, the results have been pretty good with some farms achieving 95% of cows in calf to a 9 week bulling period.

Other seasonal jobs are centred around preparation for tupping. Tup testing is pretty well on now with problem tups due their second tests. There is still time to get your rams semen tested so please call the surgery if yours are not yet done. 

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