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The staff at Alnorthumbria Vets aim to provide an exemplary service to all our farm clients.

Our large animal team are experienced and enthusiastic, providing farm services from foot trimming to herd and flock health planning. We aim to provide a personal service with a stable staff base that you know and trust to work in partnership with your farm enterprise.

We have divided our practice geographically (dedicated farm vets are located at Wooler, Alnwick, Rothbury and Ponteland) in order to service our clients from the nearest surgery wherever possible with experienced, motivated vets and support staff.

At our Wagonway Road surgery in Alnwick, the large animal treatment rooms allow hospitalisation, treatment and surgery on calves, sheep and pigs. Each of our farm vets cars is fully stocked to deal with all emergencies. Ultrasound scanners are available at each of our surgeries for on farm pregnancy testing. Bull semen testing is a relatively new procedure and is also available from all our surgeries.

We also now have two tipping crushes in the practice for use on cattle. These enable bulls and cows to be safely and efficiently tipped onto their sides to allow procedures, typically foot trimming,  to be carried out. A full range of veterinary products are available from our surgeries at competitive prices.



Please ensure you always use 01665 510999 when calling our Wagonway Road, Alnwick surgery.  Use this number for all calls, even in an emergency out of hours.  Calling an alternative number for Wagonway Road in an emergency may delay you getting veterinary attention quickly.

We now have a set of 14 factsheets available on the website.  To read them, please click here.  Alnorthumbria Farm has worked with XLVets Farm to produce the factsheets which cover topics ranging from biosecurity to teat health and infertility problems in dairy herds.  They also cover conditions ranging from calf pneumonia to teat health.

We also now have copies of XLVets Livestock matters available to read online from our website.  To view, please click here.

 "Warning - Fluke eggs and clinical disease found in ewes on a coastal farm in our area.  
This has come as a surprise to all of us.  Whilst fluke has been found on this farm in the past, ewes were treated, as advised, pre-tupping and in February and we wouldn't expect to see problems with fluke given the good weather we have had since then.  The affected farm was not thought to be high risk as pasture is not particularly wet.  If any stock is found not to be thriving, please submit faeces samples from at least 3 animals in the group to us for egg counting ASAP."

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