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OPERATING THEATRES with up to date anaesthetic machines, which allow anaesthesia with a high safety margin to be performed on all sizes of patient from hamsters to Great Danes.

HOSPITALISATION facilities with individual kennels which are warm, clean and secure. They are positioned so that patients can be observed frequently. These include isolation kennels for potentially infectious patients, minimising the risk to other pets.

X-RAY machines at most centres, to allow rapid production and interpretation of radiographic plates. Please ask the vet if you would like to see your pet's X Rays.

ULTRASOUND diagnosis is frequently used to help with the diagnosis of internal problems as well as the more usual pregnancy diagnosis. More advanced ultrasound investigation is performed at our Morpeth surgery.

ELECTROCARDIOGRAMS are very helpful in the correct diagnosis and treatment of heart disease, and can help save lives in conjunction with fast treatment.

ENDOSCOPY allows us to investigate internal problems in the respiratory and gastrointestinal tracts, without invasive surgery.

DENTISTRY facilities are available at all surgeries. Peri-odontal disease affects over 80% of dogs and cats, and dental work forms a significant part of our work load. Complex procedures such as root fillings are performed at the Rothbury centre.

LABORATORY FACILITIES are up to date and give rapid results, which helps with a speedy diagnosis for your pet. Some tests still have to be done by outside laboratories, but are usually faxed to us within 48 hours.


We are all pet owners ourselves, and are acutely aware of the pain and suffering that the loss of a four legged member of the family can bring. We are available to discuss the situation with you; please feel free to come into the surgery even if it's just for a sympathetic and confidential chat.

We use the services of a reputable Pet Crematorium. There are a range of services available, including the return of ashes if you so wish.

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