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A series of advisory and newsworthy articles about equine matters and information about our current promotions.

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Category: Equine
Lesley has just returned from the Olympics where she worked as a field vet for the stables, training areas and cross country course. She went through a rigourous interview process and was selected from hundreds of vets who applied for the positions, and felt honoured and thrilled to have been involved in such a prestigous event.
Category: Equine

Responsible Breeding!

Lesley assisted at a British horse society charity funded castration day- the first of its kind where 26 stallions were operated on in marquees in Teeside, as part of an education programme to improve the care of these tethered horses, and try to reduce indescriminate breeding.

Category: Equine
Congratulations to Sam Ruston who has just passed her 2nd year veterinary nursing exams. She has one more year left of her Equine Veterinary Nurse (EVN) training before her final exams! 
Category: Equine

Our next laser surgery clinic for removal of sarcoids and melanomas is on the 9th May.

If your horse has any suspicious lumps or bumps these should be checked out by a vet, who can advise if they are suitable for laser surgery.

Laser surgery is normally performed in the standing, sedated horse and we have had good success with the treatment as the laser kills the abnormal cells, which reduces the risk of reccurence.

Category: Equine
After 5 years with the Alnorthumbria Veterinary Group, we are delighted to announce that Edward Chinn has now become a partner. We know his hard work, motivation and vision will add strength to the practice as a whole, and in particular to the equine division.
Category: Equine

In assoication with Liphook Equine Hospital and Boehringer Ingelheim, we are pleased to be able to offer our clients a blood test for Cushings (PPID) where there will be no laboratory fee.

This is a great initiative to help raise awareness of Cushings in horses, and assist the early identification of laminitis prone horses and ponies.

See the talk about laminitis website for more information about the disease, and to download a voucher.

Category: Equine


We have put together a few notes to help you through the process of foaling and to ensure a healthy foal and mare:

Know when your mare is due: Gestation range 310-374 days, (average 340 days). NB: Mares foaling in subsequent years can carry foals for different lengths of time even to the same stallion.

Abortion is unusual in mares except in the early stages of pregnancy due to twin foetuses and in later stages due to infectious causes. It is possible to vaccinate against Herpes abortion and against Equine Viral Arteritis. Please ask us for details.

Category: Equine

Have your horses vaccinations lapsed? Restart in March, and get the 2nd vaccination FREE.

Courtesy of Merial Animal Health. 


Equine Influenza is a threat to horse populations all over the world, and like human flu the virus can change and spread rapidly. In the Australian outbreak in 2007, 50000 horses were affected. Worryingly, the overall equine flu vaccination status of the UK has decreased, meaning our horses are more at risk. In 2011 there were 11 outbreaks of equine flu identified in the UK. Any horse, regardless of age, breed or whether or not it travels is at risk of the disease if it is not protected by vaccination. If the vaccination schedule lapses, protection is lost. 

Any horse that is older than 12 months of age that has not been vaccinated against flu or that needs to re-start the vaccination course can now have the second vaccine of the primary course free of charge, providing the 1st vaccination is carried out during the month of March.

Category: Equine

For details of our AI packages click  2012 AI packages For more details you can also call the surgery and talk to Rosie or Stephen - 01670 897 597


Category: Equine

We were honoured to have HSBCs World number one event rider for 2011, Mary King officially open the new equine clinic on the 19th December 2011. Mary King as a great ambassador for equestrian sport chatted to local pony club children from the Percy Hunt, Morpeth, Tynedale and North Northumberland Branches whilst autographing rosettes, photos and copies of her autobiography. Mary then talked to around 300 local horse owners about her life story ,thrills and spills of a top event rider now breeding and competing her own horses aswell as her aspirations for the 2012  London Olympics. A small group of PC children then presented Mary with a thankyou hamper of Northumbrian goodies!
The ribbon was then cut by Mary King declaring the Alnorthumbria Veterinary Groups, Fairmoor Equine Clinic officially open!

There was raffle and auction which which raised nearly £800 for the Great North Air Ambulance - many thanks to everyone who supported it and the following for their kind prize donations: Newcastle Racecourse, Farmway, Silvermoor Haylage, National Veterinary Services, Margot Tiffany, John Hill Equestrian, Carolyn Raven, Hulne Park Livery Yard, Susan Green, Lady Howick, Sarah Richardson, Percy Hunt, West Percy Hunt.

Thanks to Ian Carmichael who auctioned Mary Kings Olympic jacket for the great price of £300! And huge thanks to the Carmichaels and the Morpeth Hunt for the marquee and chairs.

The day was a great success and we hope you enjoyed it!